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The Driller's Choice. Drilling Fluid.

Australian made drilling fluids

Our Australian-made drilling fluids are designed to outperform the rest – from sustainability, endurance, value and technical application – our premium mud range has you covered.

Trusted by drillers across the mining, geotechnical, water well and civil sectors Mudex drilling products are the number one choice for drilling programs across a range of parameters and geology.

From knowing the behaviours of fluid types, to down-hole problem solving and crisis management, we match the drill site, equipment and industry application with the right mud program to see you meet your KPIs and mitigate cost blowouts.

From Africa to Europe, Australia and North America, Mudex manufacture and supply drilling fluids on an international scale, with strategic distribution partners in major mining and construction hubs globally.

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Drilling products that outperform and outlast

At Mudex, we’re in it for the long haul! With decades’ experience in the drilling industry, many of the products developed by the exceptionally skilled Mudex team are based on specific needs and shortfalls that have been identified across countless projects. 

Duplicating a generic product that will perform sufficiently is one thing, but creating a drilling fluid formula, that is consistent, tried and tested in a range of industry scenarios is where we’ve outrun the competition. It’s our business to ensure that your drilling team has an optimal experience – this is where the right drilling fluid management program comes into play.

With so many factors to consider in selecting a drilling fluid, our mud engineering team are here to guide you – and if there is a drilling fluid product that cannot be made in-house, Mudex will ensure we get the formulation made to our unique specifications.

It is this unwavering focus on reliable service, competitive pricing, and a complete range of performance-proven and innovative mud products that makes Mudex a leading drilling fluid innovator to global industry. 

How We Deliver in the Field

  • Site Assessment
  • Review geological reports and core samples 
  • Identify site parameters in fluid selection, such as: water quality, geology, drill team experience and equipment in use

Designed with performance in mind, it’s no mistake that our fluids are dependable, reduce costs and improve productivity. This is of course complemented by a world-class team with extensive drilling, product development and engineering history behind your mud program. 

When it comes to downhole problem solving, we get granular. From knowing how best to utilise nano powders, nano products and lubricant powers – or simply understanding the ground type and being able to predict how a fluid is going to behave – Mudex can give you the right options to control down-hole problems, reduce drilling costs, and improve your productivity. 

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Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue features all Mudex products and equipment available, with summary descriptions and applications.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable sourcing and product development is integral to defining the way we work at Mudex.