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A Global Supplier. First Choice for Mud Engineers

Equipment formulated for industry

Even the most experienced mud engineers benefit from quality drilling fluid instruments and testing equipment. At Mudex, our premium range of drilling mud instruments and testing equipment enables drillers to operate with confidence and achieve optimal product mix while minimising loss returns.

Whether you’re after testing equipment suitable, drilling mixing equipment or Mudex’s very own SPINEX solids control – a cut above other centrifugal units on the market – we’ve got it. 

At Mudex, we’ve tried and tested all our available equipment, narrowing our selection to best performers and saving you the effort of having to do extensive research only to turn the same result!

Drilling, Testing and Separating

Whether you require testing equipment at any stage of your drilling journey, need to make a mix to specifications, or engage in solids control — Mudex has the equipment.

Testing Equipment

Testing equipment for viscosity, sand content, mud balance, potassium content, PH value, water hardness and complete make up water analysis.

Drilling Mixing Equipment

Mixing Hopper table and components (50mm, 25mm) for easy mixing of drilling fluids into any mud mixing system.

Solids Control

Equipment that enables separation of drilling solids from fluid with no product loss.

A Global Approach to Drilling Projects

Headquartered in Western Australia, Mudex boasts a global network of offices and distributors to supply drilling fluids and related equipment to international operations.

Our international partners North Star and Mayan Star extend our footprint in Mexico, Canada and the USA. This group with common ownership allows Mudex to operate as a unified force, extending our global reach, buying power, corporate governance and customer experience.

An Australian Drilling Mud Supplier

Founded and based in Australia, our Mudex Perth office is our primary location. A robust West Australian mining industry yields high demand for drilling fluids and products – and our team of drilling experts are happy to assist in providing the perfect solution for your needs.  

Drilling Fluids Solutions to the Asia Pacific

Continuity of product and customer experience when operating at a unified, global level is paramount. Having identified the Asia Pacific region as a primary international market, Mudex has established an overseas team to handle drilling fluid requests and queries. Understanding the geology and water type variances that occur in the Asia Pacific as opposed to the Australian or African markets better informs the process and produces enhanced client outcomes.  

Africa Drilling Mud Availability

Mining is currently the largest industry initiating demand in Africa. With many projects getting off the ground and entering advanced stages of exploration, or even drilling – a variety of drilling fluid solutions are required.  
Mudex has a dedicated office in Africa to identify the right product for your operations. 

Supplying Drilling Mud Products and Equipment Across Europe

As part of our continued efforts towards global expansion, we are growing our connections in Europe, servicing a variety of drilling teams to ensure that their operations are both well-established and efficient. 

Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue features all Mudex products and equipment available, with summary descriptions and applications.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable sourcing and product development is integral to defining the way we work at Mudex.