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Our Services

Innovation at its Finest. Drilling Fluids.


Drilling is a complex operation that is one facet of a much larger process at play. Mudex is proud to offer a quality training service to clients in our fully-equipped facility that prepares drillers for a comprehensive variety of drilling scenarios that can arise in day to day activities.

The learning curriculum at Mudex’s mud school is flexible according to a client’s desired learning outcomes and caters to all skill levels – from beginners to advanced learners. 

Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D) has been critical to Mudex’s efforts in establishing and maintaining a profile as a leading innovator in the drilling fluids industry. Whether we are undertaking stringent quality assurance on a product, visiting a client to undertake onsite testing or even ideating sustainable materials and products — considerable time is spent in our laboratory to ensure that we are have our internal processes or formulas perfected before we deliver to the public domain.


Mudex’s Perth premises is home to large scale manufacturing equipment that enables greater output and efficiencies. From mixing vats, to mixing tanks, to oil and raw material storage, being able to manufacture on site ensures that we can guarantee supply continuity and undertake our own quality assurance checks.

Technical Support

Delivering a professional service with a friendly approach is part of the way we operate at Mudex.

Whether you need to find our what products are most suitable for your drilling scenario, are wanting a mud drilling program devised and implemented, or have come across a technical issue that needs to be addressed by a technically trained drilling mud expert — Mudex are able to efficiently and capably service your requirements.

Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue features all Mudex products and equipment available, with summary descriptions and applications.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable sourcing and product development is integral to defining the way we work at Mudex.