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Bio Tack

Multi purpose biodegradable rod grease and thread compound

Product Description

BIO TACK is a multi purpose biodegradable, non-toxic heavy duty grease formulated from vegetable oils, tackifiers and thickening agents producing a very stable diamond drill rod and thread compound with additives that provide protection from corrosion, wear and oxidisation. BIO TACK is suited for use in areas with environmental concerns. BIO TACK contains no hydrocarbon, metals, barium or environmentally unacceptable solvents.


BIO TACK is very tenacious and is recommended for underground or surface applications. It is compatible with all types of drilling fluid systems. BIO TACK is also very effective in dry hole conditions without fluid returns. As a thread compound it is used for heavy loaded components, subject to arduous condition, hot, dusty or wet environment. A wide variety of applications such as thread lubricant and sliding surfaces and in particular drill rod threads.


• Biodegradable
• Non Toxic
• Excellent thread compund
• Extends rod life and reduces maintenance costs
• Superior resistance to water washing and centrifugal separation
• Corrosion, wear and oxidation resistance
• Minimizes friction and wear on the drill string and the threads
• Applies to wet pipe.


Apply a generous amount smeared on the outside of the drill rods or the threaded sections of the drill rod tool joint.


All available resource documents are specific to the individual products and equipment, and can be accessed or downloaded should you require further information.

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