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Research and Development

Extensive Testing. Exceptional Quality

Mud Drilling Research and Development Facility

Thanks to our in-house research and development (R&D) team and facility, Mudex can capably design and engineer drilling fluid products for a vast range of industry applications. Coupled with our process of developing in-depth mud programs, customers not only receive a product that is made for the unique and harsh operating environments that drillers find themselves, but also personalised service from our expert mud engineers that allows us to better understand the product application scenario. 

At Mudex, our research and development efforts go beyond informing how to make innovative, quality products. When we manufacture and package our drilling fluids for market – at the forefront of our minds is the environmental implications of our processes, product application to soils and waste material i.e., packaging that is left over after our products have been used. 

For this reason, all Mudex-made products are considered environmentally friendly and biodegradable. More about our environmental efforts can be uncovered on our policies and ESG page.

Stringent Testing to Maintain Standards

Mudex products are superior for a reason: no matter how good our drilling fluid compositions are, we constantly aim to improve through investigation and testing at our research and development facility.  

Drilling fluid tests are conducted both in the field and in our fully-equipped laboratory, allowing our team to evaluate the drilling mud characteristics, as well as potential performance limitations. Through stringent laboratory testing, Mudex are aided with integral knowledge in the process of fluid design as well as given greater capacity to sufficiently evaluate fluids and fluid behaviour in controlled environments when field-testing procedures are inconclusive. Some of the testing that we undertake emulates our field-testing methods, whereas others can only be performed in a laboratory environment. 

Quality Assurance and Quality Control testing processes (QAQC) are fully undertaken at Mudex. When creating a custom drilling fluid product for a client, we work closely together to ensure that the materials we produce are both consistent and perform to the specified criteria. Regardless of the stage of development of our product – from raw materials, through to drilling mud mixes – we strive to satisfy our own high standard of in-house quality protocols, as well as that of our clients.  

Our team at Mudex is highly qualified and experienced in the technical testing process of our products and use calibrated approaches, combined with state-of-the art equipment to ensure our products are meeting the mark.  

Onsite Testing for Water-Based Drilling Fluids

In order to have total oversight on the hole cleaning, suspension and filtration properties of our drilling fluids, Mudex’s team of Mud Engineers undertake a number of tests at the rig site. Whilst testing of water-based fluids and nonaqueous fluids have similarities, variations in the way that each is tested will have variances due to the diverse nature of the fluids. Some of the on-site tests that we conduct include:  

  • Marsh Funnel Viscosity  
  • Water-Based Muds Testing 
  • Direct Indicating Viscometer  
  • Sand Content  
  • Gel Strength 
  • API Filtration 
  • Liquids and Solids Content 
  • pH 
  • Resistivity  
  • Chloride  
  • Alkalinity and Lime Content 
  • Filtrate Chemical Analysis 
  • Total Hardness 
  • Methylene Blue Capacity   

We offer training courses on a range of the listed processes and interpretation of these to better inform our clients of what they should be looking for in their mud drilling products.  

Custom Drilling Mud Compositions for Unique Client Requirements

Whilst we already have a broad product range that has been mixed specifically to factor in variances in ground types, drilling types, as well as other application considerations – Mudex are able to custom blend for site specific products.  

Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue features all Mudex products and equipment available, with summary descriptions and applications.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable sourcing and product development is integral to defining the way we work at Mudex.