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Client First. Drilling Fluid Focused.

Beginner to Advanced Mud School Training

Mudex’s 1800sqm facility is fully equipped for everything we do – from manufacturing drilling fluids, through to hosting our staff office and training facilities for clients. Based in Canning Vale, Perth, our classes run regularly on request, and cater to all levels of experience.  

Drilling is a complex operation that is one facet of a much larger process at play. Getting it right is critical to ensure that drilling can end in a timely manner and consequent works can be undertaken with confidence. For this reason, a comprehensive understanding of the process of drilling and the drilling fluids that go into creating a well is critical.  

Learning Outcomes of the Mudex Mud School

Mudex’s drilling fluid training program consists of a range of activities and processes related to drilling. Depending on your level of experience and desired outcomes, we are positioned to teach the following:  

  • Application and evaluation of API drilling fluid tests 
  • Use of polymers and clays to achieve mud properties to required specifications 
  • Treatment of drilling fluids through application of water chemistry 
  • Selection of non-aqueous fluids to meet drilling and environmental standards 
  • Methods to reduce formation damage for optimised well production 
  • Working with water-based drilling fluids 
  • Identify water phase salinity and bore hole stability activity 
  • Classification of various drilling fluid contaminants and subsequent treatments

The curriculum of our program is flexible and will vary dependent on the skill level and areas of interest of attendees.   

Who Should Attend Mud School

Our mud school is complementary to the sale of our drilling fluids. Depending on the project geology, water and people working on the project, we will vary our curriculum to suit.  

Personnel from our client base that we recommend attend our ‘mud school’ includes drill operators and engineers, site supervisors, geologists and representatives or supply chain staff. The objective of our classes is to provide industry information that will benefit user understandings of our products and related equipment.  

Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue features all Mudex products and equipment available, with summary descriptions and applications.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable sourcing and product development is integral to defining the way we work at Mudex.