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Australian Made. Australian Owned.

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What We Do

Our Australian-made drilling fluids are designed to outperform the rest - from sustainability, endurance, value and technicality – our premium mud range has you covered.


If you're in the business of construction drilling, HDD drilling or civil development then Mudex has a fluid to suit your application.

Drill & Blast

From drilling accuracy to rig selection, there's more to a successful drill and blast campaign than equipment - it's the drilling fluid too.


From keeping the hole open and stable to keeping tooling cool - our drilling fluids are manufactured with different viscosity for various pressures and soil types.


A critical component in your geothermal drilling success, our fluids maintain stability and provide pressure to the wellbore and provide temperature control.


When it comes to core sample integrity, Mudex drilling fluids are used globally for mining applications to overcome unique operational challenges.

Water Well

From production, de-watering and monitoring of bores, our water well drilling fluid range comes complete with experienced mud engineers on call.

Drilling Mud

Designed for optimising performance, our range of drilling products consider the varying geologies and water qualities that present themselves in the specific industries we work with.

Specially designed for extreme environments, particularly where high shear stress and temperatures, water quality and other contaminants can severely impact performance – Mudex can give you the right options to control down-hole problems, reduce drilling costs, and improve your productivity.

Drilling Equipment

At Mudex, we recommend a range of drilling mud instruments and testing equipment to give you confidence in your drilling fluid program and support special hole conditions.

Selection of drilling fluid technology directly correlates with the equipment requirements and different systems that can enhance or impede the drilling process so it’s important to rely on us to support your development of an overall drilling system.

Research & Development

Thanks to our in-house R&D team and facility, Mudex research, test and engineer drilling fluid products for a vast range of industry applications.


Established in 2014, Mudex has grown rapidly to become one of the leading mud manufacturers in the global market.

Technical Support

With offices in global locations, we are available to answer queries in real time and provide ongoing support at any stage of your drilling project development.

Mud School

Mudex's Mud School runs regularly on request, and caters to all levels of experience - whether you are a novice driller, through to expert.

Our Team

Dedicated to delivering solutions

The team at Mudex is made up of hardworking, professional individuals who share a common passion: testing, creating and applying drilling fluids alongside our clients in a range of different industry scenarios. Learn more about our individual skills and passions.

Our Office

Mudex’s main facility is located in Perth, Western Australia.

Head Office

5 Coulson Way, Canning Vale
Western Australia 6155


T: +61 (8) 9390 4620

Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue features all Mudex products and equipment available, with summary descriptions and applications.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable sourcing and product development is integral to defining the way we work at Mudex.