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Mud Drilling Program Development, Implementation, Support

At Mudex, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide unparalleled customer service on any fluid drilling job we are assigned – regardless of scope, industry, or complexity. With a long history in the mud drilling industry, we’ve been involved with countless mining or drilling industry clients who have initially engaged us at an early exploration phase – followed by every other phase thereafter, from mine development, to feasibility, to grade control.  

Our point of difference lies in our expertise. All Mudex staff are professionally trained and accredited mud engineers – from various drilling backgrounds – who have developed an in-depth understanding of the key issues that happen down a hole and how best to solve these, ultimately benefitting your bottom line.  

Developing your Mud Drilling Program

While there really is nothing ‘typical’ about devising a mud drilling program – our team of experts make the process simple and effective for all parties involved. When engaged by a client, a member of the Mudex team will devise a clear contract before going out to site and establishing a mud program, ensuring that drillers are equipped with the right drilling fluid to get them through the ground. 

Understanding the parameters of the area geology and other influences that come into play when drilling mud is an essential step in our program development process. Some of the factors that we consider on the ground include, but are not limited to:  

  • Ground type/s 
  • Drill team experience 
  • Equipment of use i.e., rod types, drill bits, etc. 
  • Drilling category – Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Water Well, Mining and Geotechnical 

    The timeframe to developing a mud program varies depending on the scope of the job at hand but can usually be identified within three days of formalising our engagement.  

    Extensive Quality Assurance of Drilling Fluids

    As certified mud engineers, our team knows what to look for when it comes to assessing our drilling fluids and their response to the environment that they are being applied in. When on site, we undertake full rheology testing – the behaviour of fluids – to identify whether a drilling fluid is reacting expectedly, or if there may be factors at play affecting the anticipated response. 

    Rheology testing parameters include:   

    • Plastic viscosity  
    • Apparent viscosity  
    • Density  
    • Filtrate  

    Each of these tests are conducted at standard API specs, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the process.  

    Assistance When you Need it

    Our team are familiar with challenges that arise in drilling programs, from water quality changes, to ground condition changes – through to unstable / reactive formations and swelling clay. With our years’ experience in the industry, we have tailored solutions for each of these common issues – minimising your loss returns, meaning you can pump your mud downhole with the assurance you are getting the most out of your product.     

    While we recommend clients engage us from the beginning to establish a drill program and management plan for such scenarios, if something should go wrong during your drill that has not been accounted for prior, our team are available to help to solve or manage the issue, reducing cost blowout or drill fluid wastage. 

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