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Operating Sustainably and Consciously.

Environmentally conscious systems and processes

At Mudex, we create innovative drilling fluid not just in terms of application – but composition as well. Sourcing local materials wherever possible, as well as manufacturing products locally from start to finish enables Mudex to promise a sustainable, West Australian product that is high quality and environmentally sensitive.

Our focus on ESG commitments extends well beyond our own manufacturing facility to that of our life blood – the exploration industry. Assisting our key business partners to manage and exceed environmental considerations is what drives our research and development into more advanced and environmentally conscious product development.

Mudex is working towards becoming carbon neutral. Implementing carbon neutral operations benefits not only our Company – but our clients who acquire sustainably developed products, which in turn also reduces their own carbon output.

In addition to having a sustainably manufactured drilling fluid, Mudex is taking its efforts a step further, by considering not just the product – but its packaging, too. The company is currently in advanced stages of developing product packaging that will reduce plastic content by 90%.

Indigenous Engagement

Equal opportunity and inclusivity are one of the many ways Mudex demonstrates its commitment to social practices.

Mudex acknowledges the importance of establishing relationships and business partnerships with Australia’s Indigenous people to enable mutual growth opportunities in the fluid drilling industry.

Our most recent engagement has seen Mudex enter into a Joint Venture (JV) with Indigenous owned and operated drilling fluid distributor Wonbon. The relationship places the Company as the sole accredited Mudex Drilling Fluid distribution partner in the Pilbara, a significant relationship for both parties.

Giving back to the Community

Mudex proudly sponsors a number of worthwhile causes, charities and events. Some of our recent contributions include the following:

West Coast Guardians Rolling Bike and Car Show

The West Coast Guardians Rolling Bike and Car show is a charity ride that takes place each year to raise funds for the Clown Doctors Foundation, who bring much needed humour and lightness to the days of hospitalised children dealing with health issues.

The route varies, but the most recent course ran from Ye Ol Narrogin Inn, Armadale through to Mundijong Tavern, with a midpoint stop in between. Contributing a prize and money donation, Mudex is proud to support this community effort.

Titeline Drilling and Hardcore Bits in the S.A Variety Bash

The Variety Bash is one of Australia’s most noteworthy events. The Variety Bash consists of self-nominating teams who take to the roads in a convoy of ‘redecorated’ and ‘refurbished’ vehicles to raise funds for Variety, who then dedicate grants to numerous services and supports for children living with illnesses or disabilities.

Mudex proudly sponsor the Titeline Drilling and Hardcore Bits’ team vehicle, allowing them to partake in the drive and allocate the funds they raise towards the cause.


Each September, the Mudex team makes a target for Steptember and raises funds to help make a difference in the lives of people living with Cerebral Palsy. Taking 10,000 steps per day, we share our story and progress via our company profile to help bolster donations and put our best foot forward in helping this worthwhile cause.


For the 2021 Instalment of Movember, Mudex proudly sponsored a client in their journey to raise funds for better men’s health initiatives and support, as well as research towards the most critical cancers to affect the male population in Australia.

Local Community Causes

Mudex are big believers in helping the little guys. In our local community, we are active sponsors to a multitude of children’s sporting events and local community events that would otherwise struggle to receive corporate sponsorship. Currently, we are sponsoring Junior Motor Cross up and comer Levi Farr.

Canning Vale and Community Surrounds

Need a Helping Hand? Mudex would love to hear from you. If you think your company would benefit from Mudex’s support, get in touch.

Our Policies

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Safe operations are a non-negotiable.

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Quality Policy

A true-blue Aussie drilling fluid manufacturer, quality is a priority for our team and our brand.

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Operational Management and Innovation Policy

Mudex takes pride in being an innovator in all aspects of business.

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Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue features all Mudex products and equipment available, with summary descriptions and applications.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable sourcing and product development is integral to defining the way we work at Mudex.