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Drilling Fluids

Made for Drillers. By Drillers.

Australian drilling fluids formulated for industry

At Mudex, generic doesn’t cut the mud – our Australian made drilling fluids are specifically designed and tested for unique industry applications. Whether your mud requirements are for geotechnical, mining, water well, HDD or drill and blast applications – our products combat unique issues across all ground types – making sure you get more out of your mud.


With drill hole performance at the fore of our drilling fluid innovation, our range of drilling products consider the varying geologies and water qualities that present themselves in the specific industries we work with.

Specially designed for extreme environments, particularly where high shear stress and temperatures, water quality and other contaminants can severely impact performance of stock-standard polymers are Mudex’s patented VIS range of polymers.

Extensive field and laboratory testing has ensured the VIS range polymers are exceptional performers in all applications of drilling, water types (from fresh water through to hyper saline) and additionally possess the capability to perform against a broad range of contaminates and pH levels.

We make mud for every occassion

From our Australian purpose built facility, we manufacture and package drilling fluids for global markets using premium natural ingredients that are safe for the environment. Dig a bit deeper - explore the range.


Increases viscosity, suspension and hole cleaning capability

Filtration Control

Designed to build filter cake and prevent filtrate losses


Enhances cutting ability of the bit and reduces hole torque

Foaming Agents

Used predominantly in air drilling to increase the ability to lift cuttings with air.

Flocculants and Dispersants

Designed to combat an array of situations down hole

Water Conditioners

Ensures drilling fluids mix efficiently

Weighting Agents

Increases density of a drilling fluid

Lost Circulation

Assists in regaining circulation in oil and gas well drilling


Restricts fluid movement in oil and gas well drilling

A Global Mud Solution for Drilling Projects

Headquartered in Western Australia, Mudex boasts a global network of offices and distributors to supply drilling fluids and related equipment to international operations.

Our international partners North Star and Mayan Star extend our footprint in Mexico, Canada and the USA. This group with common ownership allows Mudex to operate as a unified force, extending our global reach, buying power, corporate governance and customer experience.

An Australian Drilling Mud Manufacturer

Australian Owned and Founded, our West Australian office is our primary location and the home of our manufacturing and warehousing operations. A robust Australian mining industry yields high demand for drilling fluids and products – and our team of drilling experts are happy to assist in providing the mud program for your drilling project.

Drilling Fluids Solutions to the Asia Pacific

Continuity of product and customer experience when operating at a unified, global level is paramount. Having identified the Asia Pacific region as a primary international market, Mudex has an established network to handle drilling fluid requests and queries. Understanding the geology and water type variances that occur in the Asia Pacific as opposed to the Australian or African markets better informs the process and produces enhanced client outcomes.

Africa Drilling Mud Availability

Mining is currently the largest industry initiating demand in Africa. With many projects getting off the ground and entering advanced stages of exploration, or even drilling – a variety of drilling fluid solutions are required.  
Mudex has a dedicated office in Africa to identify the right product for your operations. 

Supplying Drilling Mud Products and Equipment Across Europe

As part of our continued efforts towards global expansion, we are growing our connections in Europe, servicing a variety of drilling teams to ensure that their operations are both well-established and efficient. 

Our Service Doesn't Stop At Drilling Mud, It Begins With Drilling Expertise

We know it’s all in the meterage and costs, so we’ve built a team of mud engineers to quickly assess and address the challenges you might be experiencing. From changing ground and water quality changes to swelling or clay formation, our experienced drilling industry professionals offer far more than quality products advice.

We’re on call all hours of the day, weekends and late at night. Purchasing Mudex drilling mud means you are connected 24/7 to our technical knowhow and troubleshooting support for all downhole issues.

Even better – we offer drill crews entry level, basic, intermediate, and advanced training courses – find out about the Mudex Mud School.

Leaders in Biodegradable Lubricant Product Development

As a company we are committed to product development that meets the highest principles of environmental sustainability, we strive to be leaders in the development of biodegradable drilling products and through our research and development centre we are constantly looking at new ways to increase the performance of biodegradable lubricant products. Ultimately seeking to outperform mineral oils and decrease its place in the drilling industry.

From reducing plastic content by 90% with our new cardboard packaging for drilling fluids we are always focused on going further than our competitors. Learn more about our approach to ESG.


Mudex has a range of resources available to assist in developing an understanding of processes and applications relating to the use of our drilling fluid products.

Marsh Funnel Instructions

Sample Mud Program

Miscellaneous Calculations

Conversion Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

What drilling fluid should I use?

When choosing a drilling fluid there are a number of factors to consider – there is no one fluid for all applications.

a. Identify the method of drilling:

    1. Diamond Drilling
    2. WaterWell Drilling
    3. RC or Conventional Air Drilling
    4. Blast Hole Drilling
    5. Geotechnical Drilling

b. Assess geological ground formation you expect your hole to encounter.

c. Once these parameters are understood, a Mudex mud specialist can assess and recommend drilling fluid product options.

What is the first step in choosing the correct drilling fluid?

There are a few considerations to factor in when choosing a drilling fluid, one of the first steps is to obtain a water sample that the drilling fluids will be mixing with to ensure suitability for that water type.

Are Mudex drilling fluids environmentally friendly?

Mudex is committed to improving the sustainability of drilling practices. From our Australian R+D facility, we manufacture and package drilling fluids for global markets using premium natural ingredients that are safe for the environment. At the forefront of innovation in product application, we seek to minimise environmental impacts from soils, water and waste material including packaging that is left over after our products have been used.

Can you help me with a downhole problem?

Our experienced team of trained mud engineers originate from the drilling industry and are qualified to provide technical expertise on geological issues downhole that can be prevented or rectified using a drilling fluid.

Working with a Mudex product gives you access to highly technical knowhow and 24/7 professional and solid advice on reducing costs and minimising down hole problems.

During all project stages, problem solving and crisis management support is available via phone, internet and onsite. We make it our business to ensure that you are using the best products for the situation, encompassing environmental, logistical, economical and mixing factors.

Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue features all Mudex products and equipment available, with summary descriptions and applications.

Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable sourcing and product development is integral to defining the way we work at Mudex.