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Antifoam AX

Antifoaming Agent

Product Description

ANTIFOAM AX is a silicone based all purpose defoamer and antifoaming agent.


ANTIFOAM AX is designed to used to reduce surface tension and break foam bubbles. It may be added directly to the mud system stopping to treat existing foaming issues or added as required to ensure foam issues do not arise during the drilling process. ANTIFOAM AX is suitable for use in oilfield, HHD or mineral drilling.


• Has an almost immediate effect.
• Long lasting.
• Non toxic and safe to use.
• Highly concentrated product and economical
• Effective in most water types
• Excellent dispersion.
• Compatible with most other Mudex products.


General usage will require 2 – 4 litres of ANTIFOAM AX per 1000 litres of water and then added directly onto the surface of the fluid to be treated.

Mist spraying onto a foam surface is also an effective method to eliminate the foam.


All available resource documents are specific to the individual products and equipment, and can be accessed or downloaded should you require further information.

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