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Bore Rejuvenator

Iron Oxide Cleaning Agent for Water Bores

Product Description

BORE REJUVENATOR is a powerful cleaning agent which has been developed to easily remove Iron Oxide residue which can develop on the inside of water wells, submersible pumps, production zone screens, head-works surface pipework and surface sprinkler systems.


BORE REJUVENATOR removes Iron Oxide build up inside both potable and stock water wells. Iron Oxide build-up can cause major losses in well production and costly maintenance repairs. BORE REJUVENATOR is a safe, easy to apply biodegradable product specifically designed to break down the Iron Oxide build up that causes the rusty slime, unpleasant odours, orange brown staining and other deposits and reduces the strain that blockages can put on pumps.


• Safe and Easy to use
• Product does not enter the water stream
• Treatment solution is purged from the well
• Eliminates Iron Oxide build-up which causes rusty slime, staining and odours
• Reduces strain on down hole pumps
• Improves well production
• Reduces maintenance costs


The amount of Bore Rejuvenator depends on how much water is in the well, the screen length and the severity of the problem. The recommended light maintenance concentration is 2% of the standing column of water.

Severe contamination may require up to 4% concentration.


All available resource documents are specific to the individual products and equipment, and can be accessed or downloaded should you require further information.

Product Bulletin



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