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Clay Breaker

Clay Dispersant

Product Description

CLAY BREAKER is a phosphate-free, thermally-stable thinner and dispersing agent, acting quickly to break up mud rings and clay deposits on the bottom hole assembly (BHA). CLAY BREAKER is also very effective at controlling viscosity in water-based drilling fluids.


CLAY BREAKER is primarily used to prevent bit balling, mud rings and to control drilling fluid viscosity. It also breaks down reactive clays that have caused stuck pipe. CLAY BREAKER can be used by itself or mixed with small amounts of POLY VIS HV/RD products for increased durability and lubrication.


• Minimizes bit and BHA balling and mud rings
• Disperses clays and quickly penetrates sticky clays that may cause stuck tooling
• Works quickly to alleviate hole problems and reduce costly pulling times or lost pipe
• Helps free stuck pipe
• Can be used to thin bentonite based muds systems


Sticky clays 1 – 2 litres per 1000 litres
Bit balling / mud rings ½ – 1 litres per 1000 litres

To thin a drilling fluid, slowly add CLAY BREAKER to the suction pit over a complete circulation to reduce the fluid viscosity.


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