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Bio Pipe Free

Specialty Product to reverse differential sticking

Product Description

BIO PIPE FREE is an oil soluble surfactant formulated to remidiate differential sticking


BIO PIPE FREE has specifically been developed to free differentially stuck drill pipe.

Designed to be mixed with MUDEX BIO SPOT, a synthetic oil, vegetable oil or non-toxic mineral oil and spotted into the problematic zone where the rods are stuck. BIO PIPE FREE will penetrate the wall cake and reduce the surface area in contact with the hole, once the contact is broken the rods will then pull free.


• Readily biodegradeable and environmentally acceptable
• Cost effective option available before resorting to more complicated mechanical means.
• Non toxic
• Single drum and easy to use
• Compatible with Mudex BIO SPOT and most other non toxic base oils


Add 15 – 20 litres of BIO PIPE FREE per 1000 litres of Mudex BIO SPOT or other non toxic oil. Spot the mixed fluid into the zone where the rods are stuck.


All available resource documents are specific to the individual products and equipment, and can be accessed or downloaded should you require further information.

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